What is Energetic Healthcare?

Your body is designed to heal itself. As medicine begins to catch up with physics, a new era in healthcare is emerging where Bio-energetic Technology promotes the healing process by stimulating the healing ability of the body. Einstein demonstrated through his equation (E=MC2) that energy is matter, and matter is energy. Therefore, if we are energy, then our physical state should also be influenced by energy. Unfortunately, we live in a world that continuously interferes with this natural healing capacity, through the modern-day stresses of biochemical toxins and electromagnetic pollution. …

Chronic Pain and TMJ Syndrome

The Temporomandibular joint is the joint that allows the jaw to open, close. move backward and forward, and side to side. “TMJ syndrome” refers to a malpositioning of this joint and muscles, resulting in muscle contractions, which are a factor in approximately 80 percent of all tension related headaches. If you have any combination of the following complaints, TMJ syndrome may be your issue: headache; dizziness; ringing or clogged ears; spasms in the neck, shoulders, back or face; clicking or popping noises of the jaw; inability to open the mouth fully; locking of the jaw joint; pain behind the eyes; earaches; and sinus pain.

Chronic Pain and TMJ Syndrome

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