Aloe Vera Overview

by Bill Wolfe, DDS

An Ancient Plant for Modern Dentistry

Aloe vera plants for Dr. Wolfe’s products are organically grown in climate controlled greenhouses.

The recent interest in the use of herbs for health may be new to some, but is instead a renewal of an ancient medicinal approach to healing. As an example, herbs, which are sometimes referred to as “nature’s medicine”, are referred to in the Bible more than 3,000 times.

Herbal (plant) remedy use is becoming a major factor in American health care. In addition, as many as 50 percent of today’s pharmaceutical and over-the-counter drugs were inspired by folk uses of plants. Yet unlike laboratory created pharmaceuticals, herbs are in harmony with the body’s biochemistry, as plants produce vitamins, minerals, and nutrients in a more utilizable form the human body needs.

Disease is seldom due to one single factor, but instead is generally the result of an accumulation of ailments/deficiencies/excesses. Therefore, due to these multiple causal factors, multiple therapies are utilized in the form of herbal combinations, as used in Dr. Wolfe’s products, to create a better therapeutic effect.

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