One way to determine the effects of the Good Energy Products is to notice how your body feels after using the products. Another way to evaluate the Good Energy Products is to ask your body how it feels about the products! Your body is talking are you listening?

E = MC2 is Einstein’s “Theory of Relativity”: energy = mass x speed of light squared.

You’ve probably seen this formula many times, perhaps memorized it for an exam. Suggestions of this formula are not relevant to most of us on a day to day basis, however, there is a concept inferred by this equation which, has very practical applications. What is represented in this equation is a fundamental relationship between energy (E) and mass (M) — specifically that energy has mass and that mass has energy. They are interchangeable. any mass (object) has an energy field through and around it, in other words, all matter is energy. Many of the most sophisticated instruments used in conventional medicine to diagnosis disorders are energy field detection devices:

  • Electrocardiogram (EKG)
  • Electroencephalogram (EEG)
  • Electromyogram (EMG)
  • Magnet Resonance Imaging (MRI)
  • CAT Scan
  • Ultra-sound

These instruments measure electromagnetic signals emitted by the body, which indicate a person’s health status. However, we don’t need such instruments to obtain information from the body, as we can read a body’s energy field in another manner — through muscle testing.

The technical word for muscle testing is Kinesiology, from the Greek word kinein = to move. Applied Kinesiology makes use of muscle strength as an indicator of an organism’s orderly or disturbed state of health. Although other muscles in the body possess the same energy sensing potentials, the arm (Deltoid / shoulder muscle) offers the easiest access for muscle testing.

Muscle testing has been in existence for only about three decades, dating back to observations made by an American chiropractor, Dr. George Goodheart. Dr. Goodheart noticed that his patient’s muscle strength changed noticeably after chiropractic adjustments. Through further experimentation he discovered that muscle strength could even be influenced by the energy fields of objects coming in close association with the body.

With a partner, try the following simple test:

  1. Have your partner stand erect, right arm relaxed at their side, left arm held straight out, parallel to the floor. (Note: Either arm can be used for testing. In fact, should one side become fatigued, the other can be used.)
  2. Face your partner and place your left hand on their right shoulder to steady them. With your right hand, grasp their extended arm just above the wrist.
  3. Instruct your partner to resist as you push down on their arm. NOTE: It is a more accurate test if your partner keeps their teeth apart, to prevent any mercury fillings and dissimilar metals from closing against each other.
  4. Push down on the arm firmly, just hard enough to feel the spring and bounce in the arm. In nearly every case, the muscle will test strong, i.e. the arm will stay resistant to the pressure.
  5. Allow your partner to relax their arm for a moment. When ready have them hold a packet of sugar in the right hand and repeat the test using the other arm using the same firm pressure. In nearly every case, your partner will be unable to resist the pressure and their arm will go down easily. Although you are using the same amount of pressure, the arm goes weak. What has happened? The energy field of the sugar has negatively influenced the energy field of the body and the indicator test muscle (the Deltoid in this case) has lost its strength. The mass has affected the energy field and the altered field has affected the mass.
  6. Next have the subject hold a product you wish to test in the right hand and repeat the test. Using the same amount of pressure application, you might find that your partner’s arm becomes strong. In this case, the energy field of the substance being tested has “enhanced” the energy field of the body, and the Deltoid muscle has become strong. conversely, if the muscle is weak, then the substance being tested has had a negative effect, or diminished the energy field.

Place your left hand on the shoulder of the person you want to test. Do not push down on the shoulder. Either arm can be used for testing. You can also switch to the other arm if the arm tires from the effort to resist.

Push down on the arm and test for strength and the ability to resist the pressure exerted with the right hand.

Try various substances, with the teeth touching as well as separated, until the right substance and dosage is found. This will be the one in which the subject or patient has the most ability to resist the downward pressure exerted on the arm.

Obviously, we should only desire to put products on or in our bodies which increase our energy, not deplete it, but how much should we use? The same way I asked the body a question with muscle testing, which is essentially “does this product increase the energy field?” I can also ask another question about how much to take.

Thoughts have an energy field also, which is perceived by the energy field of your partner. As an example, have your partner say “yes” and push their arm. Then again pushing after they say “no.” The difference in strength is quite a demonstration of the power of the energy of thoughts.

In order to determine the dosage for the substance, ask your partner to hold the product in their right hand, and test for strength. If they test strong then ask the following questions one at a time, testing after each one: “For the highest health of this person, would one teaspoon (or one capsule) per day be the best amount?” “Would three capsules per day be the best amount?” etc. The arm will be strong for the appropriate doses and weak for the dose which is inappropriate. Once testing weak, go back to the previously tested amount, where your partner was strong. For example, if your partner is weak on three capsules, but stong on testing for one and two capsules, then two capsules is the optimal dosage.

Your body is that intelligent! If your body can perform cell division, keep your heart beating all night, etc. without you being aware of the mechanisms, it can certainly answer a simple question. The body doesn’t speak English, it speaks the language of energy — and now you do too!

*Applied Kinesiology / muscle testing may not be for everyone. This article has been provided for informational purposes only.