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The average American today is living to be an average age of 79.4 years old. That might seem like a long time to some of us, but put that number in days — 29,000 days to be exact — and it might not seem like that long. A lifetime in terms of days should give a totally different meaning to each day in your life. While it would be wrong to lose sleep fretting about it, it would seem logical to make each day count. We sincerely hope that these products will add to the quality of your life — day by day.

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The first time I tried the Body Therapy Cream, I put it on my middle finger of my left hand. I have been feeling arthritis like symptoms in that finger for over 2 months. The minute I put the cream on, I felt the energy pulsing through my finger – being an engineer, I was fascinated by this sensation! And, I am happy to report my finger, there is no more pain! All of the symptoms are gone!

I have been using the “Happy Skin Cream” for about 2 weeks. In 4 days, I noticed a difference. I have always had problems with adult acne – but now, after using the skin cream, my face is more radiant and my acne is almost gone!

I have been taking the “Super MSM” mental clarity product for a few weeks. I am just coming off of an antidepressant med, and these crystals have helped my moods and my brain function. Although I am not 100% yet, I know the MSM is helping me get through this time.

Last week I woke up at 3:00am with a severe TMJ / jaw pain. I tried the “Body Therapy Gel” cooling gel, and within MINUTES the pain was gone ! I went back to sleep quickly and comfortably.

Anytime I want a quick lift in my energy level (from slow to go!), I simply massage some of the Body Therapy Cream heating cream into the soles of my feet, and I’m good to go for hours ! I have also noticed that my calouses are gone!

I had a terrible stomach ache yesterday. I didn’t know what it was from. I simply rubbed the cooling gel onto my stomach once every 10 minutes for 30 minutes, and the discomfort was completely gone.

Taking the Good Energy MSM gives me a feeling of mental clarity every morning. Adding the MSM to my tea or coffee is truly a turbocharge for my brain. Good Morning with Good Energy Products!

For the past 3 months or so I have had these bumps on the side of my head.When I scratched them, they would get red and sometimes bleed. I’ve been using the Body Therapy Gel for a few days and the bumps have gone down about 90%. I’ll consider it healed in about 3 days.

I tend to have periodontal disease, and my dental hygienist is always after me to brush better. After beginning with the Energized Toothpaste, I get a good check-up everytime. My hygienist is amazed!

The Body Therapy Cream has helped my pain….The pain I used to have in my feet, hands, low back, and my hip. Thank you.

I’m a Reiki Master, and my shoulders and neck can get really tight and sore after a day’s work. I’m so happy to have discovered your energy products. The heating cream and the cooling gels BOTH take the soreness out within minutes! My clients love them too, as they enhance the effectiveness of the treatment!

I have dropsy of the foot caused by a reaction to the heparin when I had a blood clot in my lung. My leg swelled to many times its normal size, which crushed the nerves & blood vessels. This is extremely painful! I’ve suffered with constant pain for the last 2 years. The prescription pain medication helped very little and only then if I constantly used it. Then I tried the Good Energy Product “Body Therapy Gel” and for the 1st time I have been free of pain! No pain medication needed or taken. I highly recommend this product.

I train racehorses for a living. The Good Energy MSM has proven to be remarkable in the performance of the horses I have trained!

I started the Happy Skin face cream about 1 1/2 months ago to see if it wouldn’t lessen the scarring on my face. I can’t believe how much it has! It has a gentle peeling mechanism that has allowed fresh skin to continue to pop up. Amazing!

I love the enzymes! I have more energy and don’t have to limit my food to the “lite” variety. I’m eating less and my clothes are looser, too.

Within several weeks, the specific skin points shrunk and disappeared.

After just one week of using the Happy Skin products morning and evening, I noticed significant improvement in my facial lines. I had two deep creases between my eyebrows, and now I only have one crease, and it is barely noticeable The lines at the corners of my mouth used to extend down to my chin line, and now they barely extend ¼ inch from the corner of my mouth. My chin even seems “lifted” and my neck is much smoother. My face continues to improve! These products are amazing…. I don’t intend to ever be without them.

My podiatrist was very surprised and pleased when he saw my foot after I had been using the Therapy Cream for two weeks. It was the first time he was pleased that he could see healing, and the first time he expressed any optimism!

I just purchased a 3 year old horse, who seemed to have a lack of energy. After giving Super MSM to him, his energy level, awareness, and especially his personality have all improved!

I exercise a lot, and periodically I will over do it. Last week the muscles in my shoulders, chest and calves were so sore, it hurt even to walk. Using the Body Therapy “cooling” Gel gave me instant relief. Usually it takes 3 days for the pain to go away!

As I finished this morning’s run around the ridge (a short 2-3 mile), I was thinking of how to put in words what I’ve experienced with the energized MSM. Taking the Good Energy MSM every day last week prior to swimming and working out had a two-fold outcome. I had been apprehensive and nervous about my new job, and the MSM fortified me in a way that is hard to describe. It allowed my fears to remain distant, and I then could proceed in the learning of the new job. As for the swimming….that is a whole other matter. Exercising is more of a spiritual thing for me, and adding the Good Energy MSM makes me fly across the pool . When the Olympic length pool is available, I can do the butterfly down and back, feeling strong and powerful and not at all out of breath… I felt terrific!

My husband’s dentures sometimes will cause local irritations in his mouth. They can be quite uncomfortable. He tried my Good Energy Mouth Rinse and got wonderful, soothing relief from it. He loves it!

My daughter, although only 26 years young, has periodic back pain. She is very athletic and does not like anything to slow her down… I can usually tell when she is having this pain. She is not in a good mood and wants me to massage her back. With a recent episode of pain, I put some of the Good Energy Body Therapy Cream on her back. She rolled her eyes at me like this would do nothing. Five minutes later she appeared from another room in a brighter mood. I asked, how’s your back pain? She looked at me like…what back pain? We were both amazed!

I have been diagnosed with late stage Hashimoto’s or Thyroiditis, an autoimmune disease. My head sweated constantly, day and night, making me even more exhausted and unable to sleep, which made me even more exhausted. I also had thyroid and heart palpitations, which are common, painful and exhausting symptoms. I tried the cooling cream on my thyroid and thymus twice a day. Lo and behold, I AM NO LONGER SWEATING OR PALPITATING! I wouldn’t have believed it if I hadn’t rushed off one morning without it and sweated and palpitated like the energizer bunny all day as a result. Believe me, that cream goes on the first thing in the morning and last thing at night. Thank you.

I’ve been using Dr. Wolfe’s Full Spectrum CBD for several weeks. And I’m pleased to report that I have found that it immediately helped with achieving deeper sleep and awaking less often during the night.

Having a couple of droppers full during the evening and one dropper at bedtime seems to be very effective for me. After many years of difficulty sleeping soundly I’m grateful for the development of CDB products and this one in particular.

I’d recommend trying Dr. Wolfe’s CBD oil for anyone having trouble sleeping through the night.

Thank your Dr. Wolfe.