Product Endorsements and Testimonials from Health Practitioners

You’ve always been at the top of my list as to what you do in dentistry and are also a great guy! Hope you show up at one of the meetings I’m at one of these days. Take good care,

After 15 years of practice in allopathic medicine in the field of neurological surgery, with an additional 10 years in research neuroscience in the landscapes of the brain and mind, and with much personal study of Holistic and Integrative medicine approaches, I’ve kept myself fully abreast of the literature and products available for contemporary healing.Yet, I was deeply frustrated to find myself bereft of legitimate solutions to the current states of disease with which we find ourselves.

I was blessed in 2007 to come upon a Healer, Dr. William Wolfe, who has both pioneered and mastered an approach to healing that far surpasses any available heretofore to modern medicine to my knowing.I have had the great fortune of both the chance to study under him, but also to personally benefit from his products and, now, to progress to offer them to my patients and to the surrounding general and medical community.

As a neuroscientist and neurosurgeon, I practice medicine daily that focuses on our existence as energetic beings above all else. His entire product line encompasses this philosophy, using naturopathic substrates, but with the addition of healing frequencies (energies) required to access our own obstructions to energy flow. In so doing, he has enabled the body to bring about complete, fully manifest, healing. He encompasses detoxification and restoration to our bodies natural optimum balance and, therefore, obviates the need to further expose ourselves to allopathic medicaments that serve only to stifle or mask our bodies natural attempt (ability) to heal itself. His products work quickly and impactfully, then quickly bring about an enhanced sense of wellness beyond any product or technique that I’ve encountered in my many years as a researcher and holistic healer. What I was most surprised by the products, however, is the effect they have had on my own and my patient’s sense of Spiritual well being. I couldn’t possibly offer a better testimonial than to endorse energy based naturopathic products that accomplish so much, and that allow us to migrate away from the untrustworthy and harmful allopathic pharmaceutical industry.

The MSM crystals have revolutionized my ability to provide my patients with restored mental clarity, sans the well established side effects seen with traditional neuroactive agents, including those of caffeine and it’s associated Brain Drain. As a person well versed in both the structural, physiologic, and metaphysical landscape of the brain and mind, I challenge anyone to replace their morning coffee or tea with a dose of his crystals. They will quickly find the mental clarity and restoration of energy and balance so needed in this world of ever pervasive external and internal toxins. God Bless.

Dr. Wolfe is on the cutting edge providing dentists with non-invasive products for clinical application.

From his surgical gel to his toothpaste we have had nothing but great results.

I have been using Dr. Wolfe’s products for several years. His Aloe Gel is in high demand by my patients.

I have found that there is great value in homeopathic products, as well as the aloe based products produced by Dr. Bill Wolfe.

I regard Dr. Bill Wolfe as this continent’s leading authority in homeopathics. His products are a reflection of that knowledge and experience. They work!

Great product!

Dr. Wolfe is an outstanding, creative contributor in the field of homeopathy.

Dr. Wolfe’s Aloe Vera Gel … promotes post operative healing, cutting healing time in half and reducing or eliminating almost all postoperative complaints of pain.

Through the years I have found Dr. Wolfe’s Aloe Vera Oral Gel to be a crucial element in our patient care. We recommend its use for apthous ulcers, under removable appliances, and mixed with “Traumeel” for any oral lesions.

Dr. Wolfe’s products are naturally non-toxic and promote healing at all levels – a must for every household.

Over the last 15 years, I have used numerous periodontal medicaments and antibiotics to treat oral lesions and periodontal conditions, but none of these have been as beneficial and safe to my patients as Dr.Wolfe’s products. I am enthused because these products allow me to prescribe less antibiotics.

Aloe Vera is mentioned in ancient Ayurvedic texts as one of the best medicines for oral hygiene. The formula for this tooth gel is based on the classic Ayurvedic texts.

Dr. Wolfe has truly revealed his creative and scientific genius in formulating his products. They work – my patients love them.

Dr. Wolfe’s products are wonderful! The Aloe Vera Oral Gel promotes healing in half the normal amount of time but also desensitizes the area. This has been my personal experience and that of the patients over the last 20 years.

I was diagnosed with sleep apnea about 18 months ago. The treatment recommended was the C-Pap machine which is thought to be the state of the art for sleep apnea. After dedicating myself to this treatment for several months trying a variety of different masks for comfort, I became frustrated with the device as this technology is uncomfortable on the face/nose, ill fitting, and awkward at best. I spent many nights attempting to accommodate to the C-Pap machine with little to show for my efforts other than a very poor nights sleep.

Some web based research had peaked my interest in dental solutions for sleep apnea and I called Dr. Bill Wolfe to see if he could offer a solution from a dental perspective. At the appointment Dr. Wolfe made a convincing case for trying the TAP dental device for sleep apnea and impressions were made of the teeth and mouth. On a subsequent visit the TAP device was fitted expertly by Dr. Wolfe and I began to use the appliance every night.

The accommodation period was very short with little to no discomfort. The freedom experienced and the resultant better nights sleep were simply amazing and very much appreciated on my part. It has been about 18 months since first seeing Dr. Wolfe and I could not be more pleased. This is a very satisfactory and viable alternative to the rigors of the C-Pap machine with all of it’s complications especially when traveling. By the way, when traveling the C-Pap machine must be hand checked through security at the airport and will always be screened by the TSA agents. Meanwhile the TAP appliance nicely checks through.

When it is all said and done the expertise of Dr. Bill Wolfe and the TAP appliance have made life so much better and my sleep apnea condition has been solved. I am truly grateful.