Dentistry is always a piece of the total health puzzle—sometimes a very vital, missing piece.

Services Provided at Dr. Wolfe’s Mercury Free Dental Practice

  • Mercury free / metal free dentistry (since 1979)
  • Compatibility testing of dental materials
  • Mercury vapor testing of your “silver” fillings
  • Testing of oral acupuncture meridians
  • Electrogalvanic / electrical testing of metal restorations
  • Cosmetic dentistry / latest technology
  • TMJ / head, neck, and facial pain
  • Nitrous oxide relaxation
  • Homeopathic prescribing
  • Kinesiology / muscle testing
  • Low dose computerized X-rays

Read about Dr. Wolfe’s mercury/amalgam removal protocol.

Mercury Safe Protocol

Methods to Reduce Mercury Vapor Exposure to Both Patient and Operators During Amalgam Removal

  1. The patient is covered in dental chair with a disposable drape or oversized bib. Further barriers include eye and inhalation protection and frequently-changed drapes.
  2. A high speed external industrial mercury vapor filtering system is utilized as close to the working area as possible.
  3. An alternative source of air, oxygen, or nitrous oxide is provided to the patient via a nasal mask.
  4. Copious amounts of cool water is used with the spray focused on the junction of the handbiece burr and tooth while the filling is being removed.
  5. A high volume teflon box suction ( or a rubber dam ) is used to isolate the tooth and to remove the high volume of water, along with the amalgam particles and mercury vapor.
  6. Dental personnel are protected by using an industrial mercury vapor mask, faceshield, double gloves, surgical drapes, and head protection.
  7. Intravenous (IV) vitamin C for the patient.
  8. The mercury fillings are removed into as large “chunks” as possible to reduce the amount of mercury vapor created.
  9. After mercury removal, dental personnel must remove gloves, wash hands thoroughly, and re-glove.
  10. Our offices use a centralized mercury / amalgam separator which collects 99% of mercury, before it goes to waste water.
  11. The most bio-compatible and technically appropriate materials are chosen for the replacement restorations.

Metal-free Dentistry Patient Testimonial

“I recently spent a week in Albuquerque having my teeth repaired after reading about the work of Dr. Wolfe and then talking with him in person. I had been experiencing noise in my ears for a number of years, as well as having a recent bout of severe shoulder pain—a recurring problem. Dr. Wolfe examined my teeth, looked over my X-rays, and used muscle testing to determine whether dental work would improve my situation. His examination indicated that I would be helped in both regards by having the metal removed from my mouth. After this discussion and examination we made an appointment to do the work.

“The work involved replacing several metal crowns as well as removing the last two small amalgam fillings I still had. My X-rays also showed that under some of my white composite replacement fillings not all the amalgam had not been removed. Getting all the metal out of my mouth amounted to quite a lot of work to do at one time, I was a bit apprehensive.

“As it turned out, my anxiety was soon relieved. The work went smoothly and I left the dental office several hours later with temporary crowns in place and feeling much better than I had expected. I attribute this to Dr. Wolfe’s extensive testing of appropriate anesthetics to reduce reactions and recovery time, his use of IV vitamin C to boost the immune system, and the careful extraction techniques to insure metal is not ingested during the removal process.

“As soon as I left Dr. Wolfe’s office, I realized the roaring noise in my ears had stopped. I have some high frequency hearing loss and for several years I have complained about the noise that constantly accompanied me. I often described it as sounding like a jet plane engine. When I spoke with Dr. Wolfe about this dramatic change, he was not surprised and attributed it to the removal of the last of the metal from my mouth.

“After a few days of exploring Albuquerque and Santa Fe area, I returned to Dr. Wolfe’s office to have the new crowns installed. Porcelain crowns installed and bite adjusted I was on my way.

“After returning home, I have found that in addition to the relief from the tinnitius, I’ve also experienced steady improvement in my shoulder as well. Both in the lack of pain when lifting items and in an increased range of motion.

“I’m very grateful to Dr. Wolfe for helping me and for his pioneering work over the last 30 years. His dedication to “Metal Free” dentistry, and his education of other dentists, as well as the public has been invaluable in furthering the understanding of how energy flows through our bodies and what we can do to achieve better health.”

— Jim Mizaur, Boston, MA