Letter to Albuquerque Journal

Re: Fluoride content of Albuquerque water

To: Editor / Albuquerque Journal

I am sending this Email in response to your editorial: “Voters should be given chance to fluoridate water”, authored by the Albuquerque Journal Editorial Board

The following information was published in the 2015 “Water Quality Report”, published by the Albuqueruqe Bernallilo County Water Utility Authority Board.

Entry Points to the Distribution System..

Fluoride ( naturally occurring ):

Minimum detected: 0.3ppm

Average detected: 0.5ppm

Maximum detected: 1.2ppm

Surface Water Treatment Plant…

Fluoride ( naturally occurring ):

Minimum detected: 0.5ppm

Average detected: 0.5ppm (not 0.4ppm, as reported in the editorial)

Maximum detected: 0.5ppm

The Public Health Service and the CDC have issued a lower recommendation for an “optimal” fluoride concentration of 0.7ppm, “for those community water systems that add fluoride.” Therefore, it would be logical for pro fluoride supporters to examine this data and re-evaluate their position to artifically fluoridate the water, as the the “mathematical average” between 0.3ppm and 1.2ppm is .75ppm !

If dentists want to treat teeth with fluoride, they should use it topically so that the rest of us don’t have to be mass medicated through our water supply!


Bill Wolfe DDS ( a New Mexico dentist since 1978 )