Letter #2 to Water Authority Board Members

To: Water Authority Board Members

From: Bill Wolfe DDS

Re: Conversation with Les Hook, city public works director for Buffalo, Wyoming

I am sending the following E-mails to highlight critical facts about water fluoridation, in preparation for your vote on this subject on May 18th.

I had a phone conversation with Les Hook, the city public works director for the city of Buffalo, Wyoming. Mr. Hook says he has mixed feelings about adding fluoride to the city’s water supply. He said that most water schools that he attends say to try to avoid adding it to the water, mainly because it opens the door to a potential lawsuit. ” There have been several towns that lawsuits have been brought against them for mass dosing a society with something that half of them don’t want….There are a lot of mixed feelings out there, ” Hook said.

Contact information for Les Hook:

Les Hook, Public Works Director


Phone:(307) 684-7335

Fax:(307) 684-5109

I am communicating this information to you so that you will be as well informed as possible in considering your voting position to make such a life-influencing decision for the community on May 18th.


Bill Wolfe DDS ( a New Mexico dentist since 1978 )