Letter #1 to Water Authority Board Members

To: Water Authority Board Members

From: Bill Wolfe DDS

Re: Fluoridation of Albuquerque water

I am sending the following E-mails to highlight critical facts about water fluoridation, in preparation for your vote on this subject on May 18th.

  1. Fluoride is a well documented, highly toxic substance that serves no effective purpose when added to drinking water. Furthermore, it can cause a wide range of adverse health effects when ingested. I will not be addressing this particularsubject with you, as I am certain that you have been made aware of this issue before now. Instead, I wish to bring to your attention other areas of concern, of which you might not be aware.
  2. Hydrofluosilicic Acid ( and other forms of fluoride additives ) account for only 20 – 30% of the fluoride additive product. What are the other ingredients?
  3. Fluoride and lead leaching from plumbing.

I am communicating this critical information to you, so you will be as well informed as possible in considering your voting position on May 18th. Governor Rick Snyder of Michigan probably wishes now that he had listened to more advice and had been better informed before making the decision to switch water sources for the town of Flint. Having access to such critical information is a good thing when making such a life-influencing decision for a community.


Bill Wolfe DDS ( a New Mexico dentist since 1978 )